Breaking Bad Star to Make Philip K. Dick’s ‘Electric Sheep’ Series

Amazon has aquired U.S. rights to the anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams from Sony Pictures Television.

Breaking Bad star turned producer Bryan Cranston on the ten episode project. Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is a passion project for Cranston. It had been in development at AMC and Channel 4. When Channel 4 was ready to give the project a green light last spring, AMC opted out.

Electric Dreams will be an anthology series, with each episode adapting a different short story by author Philip K. Dick, and will include many familiar writers such as Jack Thorne (Harry Potter And The Cursed Child) and Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim). Cranston is also set to appear in at least one episode of Electric Dreams.

Amazon has adapted Philip K. Dick’s work before with The Man in the High Castle. Dick’s work also includes Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking Blade Runner film was based on.

No official release date for the Electric Dreams anthology series has been given, but many are excited to see this project develop.

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