This Michigan Mural Made For Yemeni Americans Is Mesmerising

The mural, which features three images of Yemeni Americans, was commissioned by the Arab American and Chaldean Council and OneHamtramck, a coalition in the city that seeks to represent the Yemeni Americans but also to appeal to the many varying cultures of the residents in the city.

The creator of the work is Chilean artist, Dasic Fernandez, a renowned muralist and grafitti artist who has studied Arab art and design.

“We figured it would be most appropriate for a Yemeni artist to do a Yemeni mural,” said Bill Meyer, executive director of OneHamtramck. “With Dasic, we knew from his art work and what he has done in the past that he would be the perfect artist for this project.”

Fernandez’s depiction includes the three figures, representing all of humanity’s life stages. He included landmarks unique to cities in Yemen as well as a re-occurring motif using the dragon’s blood tree, a unique tree resembling an umbrella that is only found on an island off Yemen. In the eyes of each of the people depicted, the artist included small figures in a landscape.

“I included the landscape and the figures in the eyes because when you are looking at one of (the painted people) you can see yourself,” said Fernandez.

Hamtramck is a diverse city with residents representing many different ethnic and cultural groups. Originally settled by Germans, it became predominantly Polish in 1910s as immigrants moved in to work in the auto industry. Later waves of immigrants including those of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent — many Yemeni and Bengali. There is also a large African American population.

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