Pollution Charge To Affect Older Cars

In recent weeks Sadiq Khan thought of this amazing idea of how to steal more money from tax payers. He’s trying to introduce a scheme from October 2017 to charge drivers in London an extra £10 a day on top of the £11.50 congestion charge because cars that are older than the year 2006 produce more emissions, yeah you do the maths. Now I’m sure there are far worse things than the emissions coming from a car such as smoking.

What I don’t understand is, Mr Khan will be charging drivers an extra £10 but where will our money be going? What difference is it going to make to the London roads if the cars that are older than 2006 and are not exactly emissions friendly are still being driven in Central London? Taxis are EXEMPT by the way. This could really impact businesses that use the London roads on a daily basis. It is ridiculous to think that drivers could be forking out at least £108 a WEEK!

Insurance premiums and petrol prices are already expensive, now this genius wants to implement this T-charge on top of the Congestion Charge!

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