DUNE is being turned into a graphic novel and it looks awesome!

Comic book tribute to Dune by Miles Greb and Zak Hartong

Many artists have created Dune fan art in various styles, even in the style of a comic book, made by Miles Greb and Zak Hartong as tribute, but now Dune fans are in for a real treat.

Brian Herbert, son of Frank Herbert, the author of Dune announced that there will be graphic novels made out of the first book in the Dune series.

The project will be divided into three issues that reflect the three books within Dune; that’s ‘Dune’, ‘Muad’Dib’ and finally ending the series with ‘The Prophet’.

Brian made the announcement over social media:

Once all three parts are released, there will be a combined edition of all three according to Brian.

The publisher is to be announced at an upcoming convention.

It’s unclear whether the other books in the series authored by Frank Herbert will become graphic novels, such as ‘Dune Messiah’ and ‘Children of Dune’, but the book ‘House Atreides’ will be made into one also.

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