The Walking Dead’s Rick Quotes Islamic Message “My Mercy Prevails Over My Wrath” And It’s Beautiful

In a post apocalyptic world where the dead walk and where humans kill each other for power, holding on to your morals and humanity is a battle in and of itself.  But Rick has been trying to do just that.

In Season 8’s opening we get one helluva ride with Rick going after Negan and the episode explores the themes of mercy and wrath during the battle that takes place.

While going to meet Rick before the battle, Carl runs into a stranger at a gas station. The man never says his name, but according to the casting call the character is called Abbud. He’s described as “an innately likeable Muslim American whose nerves are, let’s say, jangled, because he’s flown solo for too long in zombieland.”

See the scenes here:

He admits it’s been days since he’s eaten and he isn’t even sure if Carl is real. Abbud then tells him a quote his mother used to say to him, “May my mercy prevail over my wrath.” He then says it’s a principle taken from the Quran. “Abbud” is probably Siddiq from the comics.

When Rick scares Abbud away he admits he heard everything and after a flash-forward to Rick as an old man, apparently living a serene life with Carl, Judith, and Michonne— the scene returns to present-day Rick who whispers the words he heard, “My mercy prevails over my wrath.” As he says this, his eyes are extremely red.

It didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter:

Unfortunately they didn’t get it quite right. The quote itself comes from Islamic sources, but it comes from a collection of quotes called “Hadith” and not the Quran.

Still the principle of the words appear in the Quran also and it’s an interesting move by The Walking Dead show.

It’s a quote attributed to the moment God finished creating everything which is a principle God himself follows.

Rick shows that his mercy did prevail over his wrath in episode’s battle but there could be more meaning to the phrase and the season may revisit the scenario later. What significance this has to Rick in that moment is still unclear but we know one thing, we’re there for the ride.


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