Watch Jon Snow Fight Off White Walkers With Lightsabers! Game of Thrones + Star Wars

Just when you thought Jon Snow battling The Night King’s army of the dead couldn’t get any more epic, along comes something that proves you wrong. How you ask? Add lightsabers of course!

Lightsabers have been added to Game of Thrones scenes since many seasons ago and it is a tradition that continues to prove strong, providing epic and unforgettable moments.

Youtuber Drew Belmor shared such a video with us and captioned it: “A long time a ago in a galaxy far far away a bastard named Jon made the white walkers pay…Enjoy the Star Wars version of this awesome scene!”

Lets be honest. We come across these videos and cant help but watch them, heck we can’t stop watching them because everyone goes: “lightsabers are cool, I wonder what the scene would look like with them.” It’s the voice of childhood in us.

One Youtuber writes: It’s funny that nowadays random youtubers can make lightsaber effects better than they did in the original Star Wars movies. It’s scary how fast technology develops.

Judge for yourself how good the effects are!

If you continue on this journey of imagination, but you’ve seen enough lightsabers, how about If Game of Thrones was made in India? Guaranteed over dramatic edits and good laughs:

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