Live TV Mess Up For BBC News Presenter Tom Donkin Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Camera in position. Presenter on set. First story cued. Roll titles.

OK, presenter, we need you stood in front of the large screens. Actually, no, can we have you at the desk. Wait, go back to the screens. Ahhhh shit, we’re on.

Poor Tom Donkin. The graveyard shift, the 2am bulletin on Saturday on BBC World News, maybe he hoped nobody was watching. Sadly, it was not the case.

The news anchor was getting ready to read the top story about Hurricane Irma, but can be seen frantically rushing around the studio – seemingly unsure where to read the programme from.

As the titles ended, and the camera slowly zoomed in on the presenter, he wanders off screen momentarily before coming back to present the story stood up.

Many on Twitter took delight in the presenter’s misfortune, with one labelling it a ‘car crash’ while another described it as having ‘crazy choreography’.

Others praised Donkin for his ‘professionalism’.

You’ve got to admit, it is funny though.

Donkin, a BBC World News journalist for nine years, apologised for the mistake when replying to some comments on social media.

“Thanks for tuning in apart from some haywire cameras and lost guest – all went swimmingly!” he wrote.

“Thanks for tuning in – sorry for the wayward cameras.”

It seems that 2017 is not the year of the BBC – the corporation has been hit by a series of comical blunders.

In March, professor Robert Kelly was interviewed via Skype about the impeachment of the South Korean president when his two children burst into the room, followed by the mother, causing laughable consequences.

Then, in July, BBC East Midlands today were hit by a swearing mime artist during a piece about street drinkers and beggars in Leicester.

Live television. Never change.

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