‘He’s been neutered’: Trump supporters lose it after president calls Islam ‘one of the world’s great faiths’

As President Donald Trump is getting hammered on the left for not using the expression “radical Islamic terrorism” during his speech in Saudi Arabia, he is also taking heat from his avid supporters who were drawn to him due to his anti-Mulsim rhetoric when he is in the U.S.

His crime?

Calling Islam “one of the world’s great faiths.”

That double hit — ducking “Islamic terrorism” while praising the religion — was not received very well on Twitter.

Trump’s latest troubles come following a night when Trump confidante Roger Stone tweeted “This makes me want to puke,” under a picture of Trump bowing before the Saudi king.

Check the reaction:

4 thoughts on “‘He’s been neutered’: Trump supporters lose it after president calls Islam ‘one of the world’s great faiths’

  1. Mohammed Reply

    Appreciate President Mr. Trump for this bold and truthful speech. May the god Bless him and his family and keep him firm steadfast on path of truth. Aamen

  2. Asiya Mirvin Reply

    Peace. Salam. Islam is a beautiful faith which is a tradition of mercy, justice and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. Again, and again, throughout history, and even recent history, the hospitality of the muslims has been outstanding. There is a warmth and welcome in muslim households that is genuinely comforting and satisfying. Islam does not elevate, or denigrate people according to race, class, wealth, poverty etc…

    Kind and good treatment to all of mankind [but, without submitting to oppression] is obligatory and always looking for the good of the people is necessary. Social care, kindness, compassion, charity, being good neighbours etc… are integral to the character of muslims.

    However, sadly, many muslims aren’t raised in the knowledge and teachings and traditions, and so, the essence of this blessing is not felt. However, when you come across those treasures of humanity, they will not desire harm to you. And there are many many good people who consider the rights of all people to be sacred and that the blood of humanity is not something to spill without right. [when nations wage war against you – not you wage war against nations, murder, and in law – apostacy which spreads mischief, or adultery – proven [literally 4 witnesses have to be able to honestly state that they witnessed the actual penis enter the vagina etc…] and so, in history, especially in the lifetime of Muhammad[saw] the adultery punishment came into play when people came forward and insisted on being punished [due to God consciousness], and there aren’t any mention in history of the punishment for apostacy – not even during the lifetime of Muhammad[saw].

    What we believe above all else, is that the Mercy of God is the most manifest trait, and as muslims we are told, ordered and reminded – show mercy to people.

    It would be lovely to see Trump develo a genuine muslim character – because he would become just, merciful and caring for every citizen of the USA and not seek to cause mischief, or wage war, in any other country.

    Muslims, often, overlook and forgive. That is one of the most peaceful and healing aspects of social cohesion I can think of.

    Lawyers wouldn’t do so well, being sued [especially for events beyond your control] wouldn’t be necessary, social care would be a right, and poverty not tolerated.

    Peace. =)

  3. Abdulrashid Reply

    Even trump knows Islam is the true faithfully religion but coz of money

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