16-year-old Iraqi refugee finds bag with 14,000 Euros. Hands it in to authorities.

Berlin police have praised an Iraqi refugee who handed in a handbag she found containing €14,000 (£12,400; $16,800).

The bag was left on a U-Bahn (subway) train last Friday night by a 78-year-old woman.

Moments after leaving it, she realised her mistake and told train authorities, but they were unable to trace the bag.

It had been found by a 16-year-old Iraqi student, who told her mother. Two days later they handed it in.

On Tuesday, Berlin police tweeted their praise:

“A student found a handbag with €14,000 and handed it over to police. The owner is happy. We say excellent and thank you.”

The family, who live in a refugee centre, will probably receive a reward for their honesty, say German media.

Under German law, the applicable reward is three percent for objects or money turned in – though this is halved if the valuables are found on public transport. That would leave the family with a €210 reward.

Source: BBC

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