Bangladeshi flower seller saved woman from gang rape attempt in Italy

An immigrant Bangladeshi flower seller has saved an Italian woman from a gang rape attempt at the hands of 25 drunk men in the city of Florence, Italy.

Gaia Guarnotta described in a Facebook post how she was walking through Florence when she was approached by a group of ‘drunk boys’ late at night.

The 25-year-old said that initially the men made jokes and ‘asked her for a selfie’ before their behaviour became more violent.

In the post, she wrote: “I was walking alone on the street at 23.30. I like to walk, I love Florence and I love the night. Then the nightmare begins.”

Guarnotta said a large group of men approached her at the time and first attempted to convince her to have sex with them by using profanity and saying such things as “Come on with us, let’s have fun, 25 against one, you will have a good night.”

When Guarnotta refused their advances and attempted to flee, the men grabbed her by the arm and attempted to drag her to an unknown location, going so far as removing her glasses.

When she told them no they called her a ‘stupid bitch’ and a ‘whore’. They then began dragging her by the arm.

“They chucked their drinks and straws over me and one of them, or maybe a couple of them, spat on me or tried to spit on me, while all the others were filming on their mobile phones,” she continued.

Hearing the commotion, rose seller Hossein Alamgir came to her rescue and chased them away.

She added: “Obviously, as soon as they saw me leave with him they started calling me an ‘Arab c***-sucking whore’.”

Not stopping there, Hossein also gave her a towel to clean up and a rose as a present.

“Thank you to this world for there are people like Hossein, who help without wanting anything in return. This is a face I will never forget,” Guarnotta wrote.

“If Hossein had not been here that evening, I would not have been able to tell my story now,” she wrote. “Not knowing how to thank him, I gave him a passport photo of mine so that he could remember forever the face of the girl he saved that night.

“Thanks God there are people in the world like Hossein, who help without wanting anything in return. His is a face I will never forget.”

Credit: Facebook

He has lived in Florence since 2005 and said that he approached the group as it was clear Guarnotta was frightened.

Her facebook post in full can be found here:

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