Jerome Jarre Helped Raise Money For Somalia, Now Erdogan Is Helping him do the same for the Rohingya #LoveArmyForRohingya

Jerome Jarre who is known for starting the campaign to help Somalia during a devastating drought has a new target, helping the Rohingya.

He created the “LoveArmy” as a hashtag that created a movement of charity which helped the people of Somalia. Now he has created a new hashtag #LoveArmyForRohingya

He also made a video sitting with the Rohingya:

Like before when famous stars the likes of Colin Kaepernic rallied to Jerome’s cause, people have joined in on the new movement for the Rohingya.

Omar Sy known for his role in Inferno based on Dan Brown’s popular book and the more recent Jurassic World joined the hashtag movement to help the Rohingya. He sent out a message from the Bangladeshi/Burma border:

Jerome’s hashtag went viral and with a special hashtag calling on Erdogan to help with #ErdoganHelpRohingya in a tweet, it was answered by none other than President Erdogan himself with an incredible message:

The wonderful news included Turkish Airlines who helped deliver aid to Somalia the last time Jerome’s Hashtag went viral. They responded in their own tweet.

Those who rallied to the Jerome’s cause including Omar Sy came together for a live facebook feed to share updates and progress, but more importantly, to show the world they were united for the Rohingya people:

Update: They released a small video about how you can help the Rohingya:

If you would like to help The Rohingya. Donate here:

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