Man Risks His Life To Save a Whale Accidentally Caught in Net

An Algerian fisherman on board the Sheikh Mokrani ship risked his life to save a whale that was accidentally caught in a fishing net on April 19, 2017.

Video footage shows one of the crew members risking his life by leaping from the deck of the ship in to the water to free the whale from the net.

His crew mates tell him to “come back” because they feared for his safety,  but he jumped to the shock of the ship’s crew.

It’s scary enough to jump from that height. But then he had to come face to face with a whale that probably wasn’t very happy.

Other Crew mates worked up the courage to jump in and help.

Luckily they managed to get the whale free and it safely swims away as the rest of the crew applaud and cheer their efforts.

All thanks to the crew of a ship “Sheikh Mokrani” who saved the large whale.

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