Anonymous UAE Man Gives Napkin Seller The Retirement She Deserves

Not many videos will come around that are as emotional as this.

A poor napkin seller who is the only breadwinner for her family sits outside in the blistering heat of Egypt every day to provide for them.

But what she didn’t know is that a kind and anonymous man from the UAE had spotted her and that her life was about to change forever.

The man greets her and asks her about her life and what she does.

She tells him about her life and only through his questioning does she open up to the reality of just how hard that life is.

Her husband died many years ago and her daughter has epilepsy while being a mother of four. The daughter was kicked out of her house by her husband. She and her children live with her mother now, the sweet old napkin seller.

Her daughter’s youngest son needs milk, so selling napkins is the only means of income for 6 people.

The anonymous man from the UAE offers her a way off the streets by giving her a contract for 2 years to work in his company on one condition, that she doesn’t return to the streets and the hardship. What is the work you’re wondering? To relax at home out of the sun and to rest as an elderly person should.

That’s not all that the kind man had to offer. He also gives her thousands in advance to show he is serious about his offer.

She begins to break down in tears. Her burden has finally been relieved. She says emotionally: “When I pray to God, He accepts my prayers.”

The anonymous man takes a napkin from her and says that he will buy it from her and he uses it to wipe her tears.

This kind man from the UAE is no stranger to kindness.

He goes around trying to help those in need. His channel Qalby Etmaan already has over 100,000 subscribers and over 5 million views.

We need more people like him in the world!

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7 thoughts on “Anonymous UAE Man Gives Napkin Seller The Retirement She Deserves

  1. Yousef Reply

    May Allah subhanutaala forgive all sins of this kind man, save him from the fire and grant him a place in Jannah.

  2. Nisar Ahmad Bakhshi Reply

    May Allah reward him in this world and hereafter. If we had few more people like him in this world then there would be no poverty, no one would be hungry and no one would die of easily curable sicknesses for the lack of money.

  3. Anvar sadik Reply

    May allah accept all of his hardwork..And the amount of sincerity he puts in..
    May allah ease everyone’s akhirat who have worked behind the screen..And provide all of us jannah…

  4. KAUSAR SURAIYA Quraishi Reply

    Allah created us to make the world a better place So let us strive to do charity from home to neighbours and thence to all others as we are all trustees of Allah’s wealth.May we all realise this and contribute towards uplifting humanity like our friend the magnanimous UAE donor remembering that Allah rewards all good acts of mobility and charity.

  5. Habeeba Niloufer Reply

    Ma Shaa Allah. La quwwata illa billah. Yes. Very much so. Allah help each one of us in our strivings to please Him and on Allah’s Way towards a good End. Aameen.

  6. Qaim Reply

    The obscene wealth middle eastern rulers and their families have, instead of buying arms, building palaces , buying yachts, cars and paintings, if they use this money to eradicate poverty in Muslim countries. There will be no poverty, no elderly woman will be forced to sale napkins to support her family.
    Nonetheless a kind gesture. May God bless him.

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