Man Finds Purse With Almost $1,000 Inside. Returns It To The Owner In This Heartwarming Video

A man who found a purse with money inside of up to 1,000 dollars tracked down the owner to return it in a new video.

Haroon Abass, an Afghan living in Austin, Texas asks the lady if she has lost anything in the video.

At first the woman says no, perhaps apprehensive to tell a stranger personal information.

He asks again is she is sure and decides to take out the purse he found to show her. He asks “is this you?”

As soon as she sees the purse she breathes a huge sigh of relief and confirms it’s her purse.

Haroon asks what is inside, saying he just wanted to make sure that it was hers.

She tells him “it’s like $1,000, there’s like 900…”

He asks her to check the money to make sure everything is there and in good order.

“Everything is good?” “Yeah it’s correct.” the lady confirms.

Haroon took the opportunity to tell them that he is a Muslim and tells her, “we never take people’s money.”

A man exits the house and thanks Haroon for the kind gesture. “God bless you brother thank you so much. If there’s anything we can do to help you out just let us know.”

Haroon ends the video by giving us a lesson about his faith.

“We are Muslims. When we find something we give it back to their owners, regardless of their religion or colour.”

An example of how a kind deed can help build a strong community spirit and spread understanding about the people that live there.

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