Dubai High-rize blaze rips through 86-story residential tower

A TOWER in the world-famous Marina in Dubai is engulfed in flames.

Shocked onlookers recorded the blaze at The Torch Tower, one of the world’s tallest residential building with 86 floors, in the United Arab Emirates holiday hotspot.

Video taken at the scene shows the fire spreading upwards – sending burning debris spiralling down and sparking a blaze in the streets below.

A fire swept through the same building in February 2015 and its flammable cladding was blamed for the rapid spread of the flames – a chilling similarity to the Grenfell fire tragedy.

Cara Spillane tweeted: “Terrifying to see Torch Tower, in the area I live in (Dubai Marina) on fire now.

“Hope everyone gets out OK.”

Claire Hopkin added: “One of the skyscrapers near me is on FIRE!! Looks like Princess?? #dubai #dubaifire God! Hope everyone can get out. Scary seeing it!”

Rob Sheperd says it looks worse than the Dubai luxury hotel fire on New Year’s Eve in 2015.

He tweeted: “People still escaping torch tower Dubai… building is well ablaze… looks worse than 2015 fire.

“Friends and relatives just escaping now.”

Crowds watch the fire from street level

TWITTER / @STEVENJOHNBOND. Crowds watch the fire from street level

The aftermath of the 2015 blaze

GETTY IMAGES – GETTY. The aftermath of the 2015 blaze

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Civil defence officials say they have “successfully evacuated” the building and are now working to bring the blaze under control.

The Dubai Media Office tweeted: “Dubai Civil Defence has successfully evacuated the Torch Tower and is working to bring the fire under control.

“Firefighting squads from 4 Civil Defence stations have been deployed to bring the fire under control & ensure safety of residents.”

The building has 676 apartments and a two-bedroom flat starts at more than £381,000.

Dubai’s glittering skyline has seen a number of similar fires in recent years.

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