Muslim couple in Aldi remain calm during Islamophobic rant in West London

A Muslim couple remained calm and composed in the face of a tirade of racist abuse which was caught on film at a supermarket in west London.

As they went to pay for their shopping at the Aldi in Feltham, a woman at the opposite checkout began shouting and screaming at them – branding the wife’s niqab “disgusting”.

The husband responded by asking if she thought “freedom of choice” was disgusting, telling her her attitude was “disgusting”.

She screamed back that he should “not allow [his] wife to go around like that” to which the wife responded that she decides herself what she wears.

“Why should he be my boss, he’s not my boss”, she said.

The husband then told the woman she should educate herself to which she asked him if he had read the Quran because he was “supposed to be a peaceful person”.

She then pointed at the wife and said: “You shouldn’t be around like that, you look like a bloody pillar box”.

The husband then said it is his wife’s choice to wear the niqab while the woman continued to shout “disgusting, absolutely disgusting”.

Another man’s voice, believed to be an Aldi employee, is then heard telling the woman to stop shouting “otherwise you are going to get banned”.

The footage of the incident, which is believed to have happened earlier this week, was uploaded to Facebook by the couple’s friend – Federica Lucarelli, where it has since been viewed over 19,000 times.

She said no one intervened to stop the woman before the Aldi staff member.

24 thoughts on “Muslim couple in Aldi remain calm during Islamophobic rant in West London

  1. Steph Reply

    Jerome oconnor- youre scum. Get over yourself you vile little creature.
    To the couple- you acted well, good on you.
    To the ‘friend’- some mate you are- too busy videoing it to intervene, then moaning that nobody intervened!

  2. Asif Kidwai Reply

    I think he should carry around a picture of Mary the mother of Jesus from one of the famous western renaissance painters and ask if this also disgusting. He should also carry around a picture from The Sound of Music with all the nuns standing together and ask if this is disgusting (all wearing similar clothes to the Muslim hijab.

  3. Tiana Reply

    Don’t know why this outburst started but personally, I’m not against any religion as long as it’s not shoved in other people’s faces. As far as I am concerned this is Great Britain & we do not wear a hinjab or any other religious dress code so to be made to feel that WE are in the wrong IS wrong! If you live in the UK then dress British or get out… don’t be trying to change how British people think & twisting it as human rights, express your human rights in your own country or comply with ours 😡

    • ebrahim Reply

      did british dress indian when they invaded india? or when they invaded so many other countries in africa?
      do the british living in Dubai wear the hijaab?

    • hal Reply

      hi Tiana
      a lot of morons like yourself tend to start a comment by saying ..’personally, im not against’ usually you are your racist arrogant ignorant bigot so on and so fourth
      ..british rights say ‘you can express your religion’ ..your such a dumb twat honestly
      i mean what english culture :'( this girl doesn’t even now about ‘her own’ country which she built all by herself had nothing to do with the muslims from india and all others and fought in the war etc lool
      bitch please

  4. Ellie Reply

    What on earth does it mean to “dress British”? Is there a uniform? Or should one dress in Recency wear? Elizabethan? A bikini? How long will it last?

  5. Zulaikha Reply

    So if you live here in middke east you shold not wear bikini is that what you saying Tiana?? And should wear abayah huh funny

    • ibtisam mohamad Reply

      Amina,i agree with u…Why is she so embroiled in the clothings of others???…Is hers so correct,so right,so British?…As long as we dont impose on others,we should be alright in any country…Life is great…Why spoil hers n others’???…I hv lived in Britain for few years n the people were great…It is a multiracial n multireligious country…even the atheists n agnostics were welcomed…i wonder where she hails from…She is going to breed hatred n disharmony…She needs treatment,not the rest of us…

  6. Shiraz Reply

    To Tiana.
    It’s not a religious dress. Most of our Muslim women wear to cover their modesty (Not to exibit their curves.just imagine if men starts wearing pants with the curves in front lot of women will have to hospitalized by looking at them ). There are many Muslims in other countries wear different dresses according to their culture.

    • ibtisam mohamad Reply

      Yesss…Come to Malaysia to visit…Religion n Culture so intertwined,it is hard to tell which is which…Basic decency is the least of the dress code…Overdressing is not a sin…Shiraz,we must be muslim ambassadors…interacting with nonmuslims…giving them the true facts of Islam…Islam is so misunderstood by both muslims n nonmuslims…Assalamualaikum…PBUU…

  7. Mandie Reply

    Dress British? More information required, I’m getting dressed for the day and might get mistaken for a ‘foreigner! First class idiot remark, dress British 😂😂😂

    • ibtisam mohamad Reply

      Greetings Mandie…I know there are more Brits like u than her…but u all dont get airtime…I love all things Brit…from small til now…had opportunity to stay with the Brits for few years…those were great years…

  8. Yaseen Reply

    People got their own choice to wear what they like. No one can force any one to change their look or personality. Respect humanity and be kind to each other’s this is most important than the finding faults on others

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