Netanyahu’s Son Says All Muslims Should ‘Leave The Land Of Israel’

The son of Benjamin Netanyahu said there would not be peace in the land of Israel until either all the Jews or all the Muslims leave — and he would prefer the latter.

Yair Netanyahu, The son of the Israeli Prime Minister posted the comment on Facebook on Thursday:

“There will not be peace here until:

1: All the Jews leave the land of Israel.

2: All the Muslims leave the land of Israel.

“I prefer the second option,” he posted.

The post has garnered 750 reactions as of Friday evening in Israel, most of them in agreement.

It’s the second time in a week that the younger Netanyahu has posted a controversial comment online. On Monday, he posted on Facebook that the press, as well as left-wing NGOs and politicians, are “traitors.” His father disavowed the comment.

Last year, Yair Netanyahu posted and then deleted an apparently anti-Semitic caricature of liberal Jewish financier George Soros.

7 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s Son Says All Muslims Should ‘Leave The Land Of Israel’

  1. Khan Reply

    What about you all Jewish leaving the land of Palestine. Don’t provoke the Muslims sentiment it may bring disaster to you and your fucking father Netanyahu policy.

  2. Marcelo Reply

    Hahaha… They have tried this for more than onte thousand years… It seems it is not working… Muslims arer there to stay. Al hamdulillah. If others want to stay, fine. But muslims will not leave. Period.

    P.S.: I am saying “hi” to the fat boy on the Mossad Headquarters reading this comment right now… Ma salaam!

  3. muhammad Reply

    Palestine is country of Muslim. All JEW are immigrant, of course they have leave the country .

  4. Moh Reply

    All jews should leave palistine immediatly. Palistinian Muzlims are real owner of this land.

    One and only one Peacefull solution

  5. Wali Achakzai Reply

    Son of the Bitch,
    Bark as much as you can. The day will come when that land will shout and tell me where you are hiding and then your head will be chopped.

  6. Elly Reply

    There is no such land of Israel!! You took what is not yours and you should leave. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. The day will come for your destruction!!

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