Oxford Street evacuated. ‘Gunshorts fired’ as armed police surround tube station while shoppers are locked in stores.

Hundreds have been evacuated from Oxford Circus tube station amid reports of gunshots.

Armed police have arrived on scene after a gunman was reported to have fired shots.

Witnesses at the scene described seeing a lorry on the pavement surrounded by police as if it had ‘ploughed’ into pedestrians.

Next to the lorry, the pavement was said to be covered in blood.
Armed officers have arrived on the scene at Oxford Circus after a lorry is reported to have ploughed into a group of pedestrians 

Armed officers have arrived on the scene at Oxford Circus after a lorry is reported to have ploug

People in the area also reported hearing gun shots being fired, though there has been no confirmation as of yet.

Dan Smallbone said on Twitter: ‘There is a lorry stopped on the pavement in Oxford street, police all around it and blood on the floor, it’s definitely the aftermath of something maybe just a crash but nothing on the news.’

David Allwood was also at the iconic shopping street where bargain hunters were locked inside stores as shutters came down.

He said: ‘On Oxford Street and it’s chaos.

‘Shutters closed in Boots while they find out what is happening outside. Not Black Friday chaos. Rumours of shooting and a lorry.’

On Twitter, British Transport Police said: “Officers are responding to reports of an incident at OxfordCircus station. Officers are on scene, more information when we get it.”

Unclear what’s going on around Oxford Circus but lots of people running away from the underground station, people screaming and running into shops, lots of sirens and police on streets.

Transport for London said on Twitter: “Oxford Circus Station is closed while we investigate a customer incident.”

The singer Olly Murs has also claimed on Twitter he is in Selfridges and that there are reports of “gun shots”.

A video posted online by Twitter user Charlotte Terry appears to show hundreds of people leaving the area around the underground station, as police quickly secure the area.

Witnesses describe panic inside tube station

Greg Owen, 37, from London, said: “I was next to the tube station and everyone started screaming and shouting and then a flood of people came up the stairs.”

And a witness who only wanted to be known as Emma said she heard something which sounded like “three shots.”

If you are on Oxford Street go into a building. Officers are on scene and dealing. More info when we can

She said: “There were shots fired on Oxford Street and then armed police ran into me and my friend.

“Armed Police were running up Argyll Street and now we’re locked in French Connection.”

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