Carrie Fisher Already Finished Filming Her Role For Star Wars Episode 8 and 9

There won’t be any CGI needed for Carrie Fisher’s character as she finished filming all her scenes before she passed away.

When Carrie Fisher died back in December last year, people were concerned, how Disney is going to deal with the role of General Leia in Star Wars Episode 8 and 9. If you are one of those troubled souls, you can relax because Carrie Fisher had already finished her part for both Episode 8 & 9 before her death.

This news was announced by Carrie Fisher’s brother Todd Fisher; he confirmed that his sister would be returning to the next 2 instalments “The Last Jedi” and episode 9 with her real footage. He also affirmed that there will be no CGI image of her in the movie. Having said that, Disney Execs have stated that they are going to reduce her screen time in the upcoming films, and will also need to make some small changes in script so that they can get through the trilogy without using fake imagery of Carrie Fisher. It’s quiet evident that Disney is doing everything in its capacity to ensure there will be no CGI for Carrie Fisher’s role after the major backlash they had to face for Peter Cushing’s CGI creation in Rogue One. We should take a moment to thank Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s daughter and her uncle for letting Disney execs use Carrie Fisher’s footage in the upcoming movies.

We are going to see Mark Hammill as Luke Skywalker in Episode 8, who has abandoned the rebel forces, and now lives in exile at an island until Rey finds his place of serenity.

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