Chalamet as Dune’s Possible Lead is a ‘No’ for Many

The news that Timothee Chalamet could possibly be playing Paul Atreides in Denis Villeneuve’s new Dune film has recieved a mixed reaction. While many are thrilled, many also are not.

When the news broke on twitter many voiced their opinions. Most Chalamet fans were thrilled of course. But a lot of Dune fans were unhappy.

The disappointment was mostly sounded like this:

Once the ‘no’s’ were vented. People began to articulate longer reasons as to how they felt.

Some even directly messaged Chalamet to plead that he not play the role.

After the announcement many have already lost confidence in the project due to the possible casting announcement directing their dissapointment directly at ‘Legendary,’ the company producing the movie.

Some of the negative feedback even said the casting was ‘perfect’ for all the wrong reasons.

Either way. Timothee Chalamet fans will be pleased.

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