Denis Villeneuve Turned Down Bond To Work on Dune

Denis Villeneuve turned down an opportunity to work with Daniel Craig on the new Bond film he revealed.

The Blade Runner 2049 director chose to work on Dune instead, a project he has always wanted to work on (see video).

Villeneuve told The Playlist: “Daniel Craig is a very inspiring actor and I had some contact and the thing is that I’m busy right now doing Dune. But, I will say to have the privilege to work with him it would be a dream.

“I would love to work with Daniel and a Bond movie for me would be a treat. It’s a matter of timing, I guess.”

In other Dune news, Brian Herbert who is working closely with those involved in the new Dune projects took to twitter to tell us that the first draft of a screenplay is finished:

How excited are you for this new Dune revival?

Me: The spice must flow!

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