Dubai Will Screen Star Wars: The Last Jedi 48 Hours Before US Premiere at Dubai Film Festival

The force is strong with Dubai!

Star Wars The Last jedi will screen at the end of The Dubai International Film Festival 2 days ahead of the US premiere on the 15th of December.

A post on the festival’s official facebook page confirmed the news:

Is this a mere coincidence or a nod in appreciation for the Star Wars work done in the past for the first new Star Wars film “The Force Awakens”? Director J.J. Abrams praised Dubai and the Middle Eastern team who took part while filming scenes for the planet of “Jakku,” home of the main heroine. It seems relations between Star Wars and Dubai are still strong.

Either way it has made Star Wars fans in Dubai very happy.

Looks like US fans will have to wait those two extra days to see the next instalment of the Star Wars saga, unless the fly to Dubai and get a ticket at the festival.

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