Adele was at Grenfell Tower, hugging and comforting people at the scene of the fire

Less than 24 hours after a blaze ripped through west London’s Grenfell Tower, a tearful Adele discreetly showed up at the scene “going around and hugging everyone she could to comfort them”.

A Tottenham native and passionate Londoner, the 29-year-old was only photographed with her husband by a handful of Twitter users, apparently not wanting to draw attention to herself.

@FourMee noted that she was wearing a black abaya, a simple, robe-like dress, worn by some women in parts of the Muslim world.

Adele “was going around and hugging everyone she could to comfort them” according to a fan account, showing up in person instead of tweeting about the incident.

“The fact that Adele has gone to Grenfell tower and not said a word about it just proves how amazingly sincere she is,” a commenter wrote.

The singer previously paid tribute to the victims of London’s Westminster attack while performing in Auckland, telling the crowd: “Today there was a terror attack in my hometown of London. I’m literally on the other side of the world and I want them to see our lights and to hear us.

“It’s very strange not being home, all I want to do today is be at home with my friends and family. All of them are fine but there are four people the death count was four at the time who aren’t fine so let’s dedicate this to them tonight.”

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