Katy Perry had Brit Award Trump and Theresa skeletons

Katy Perry performance featured skeletons of Trump and Theresa at BRITs

You couldn’t miss it, they were ‘yuge.’ Two skeletons at the BRITs appeared on stage dressed like Donald Trump and Theresa May as part of Skip Marley and Katy Perry’s performance.

Katy Perry gave an amazing performance alongside Skip Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson. But the show wasn’t without a little blunder. A man fell of Katy Perry’s stage…

We hope they’re not in the dog house for it. The most noticeable thing though, were the two skeletons towering over everyone. People tried to work out what on earth they were. Why red and black, why a man and woman? Then people started to figure it out. They’d seen this scene before, strangely in the world of politics when two leaders met. Donald Trump and Theresa May.

People took to Twitter to talk about it:

What statement do you think they were making?

Let us know!

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