Puff Daddy Has Been Fasting In Ramadan With French Montana And He’s Hungry!

Fasting has been no stranger to some celebrities, especially the Muslims ones, but other celebs have been joining in on all the starvation ‘fun’ to know what it’s all about.

French Montana posted a video on his instagram with him and P. Diddy literally ‘pure starving’ (his words not mine).

It’s been seen over 100,000 times.

In his post he said:

RAMADAN NO JOKE 😂😂 !! Proud of brother 💪thank u for joining, me and hope you receive all your spiritual rewards 🙏💪 but This is funny lol puff got pure when that 8 pm hit 😂 #ramadanspirit🌙 @diddy

Puff Daddy and French Montana have a close relationship. French is a Muslim and Puff respects his culture and religion.

This isn’t the first time Montana has convinced a celebrity to fast in Ramadan.

Vin Diesel also tried it out when they were working together. See the video here:

Fasting has been a growing trend among non Islamic participants, especially in the fitness world. Science is proving the health benefits are innumerable and help to rejuvenate the immune system among other things.

Maybe we should all give it a try. And YES! “Not even water.”

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