Snoop Dogg Assassinates President Donald Trump in Music Video

Snoop Dogg kills Donald Trump with a gun in his latest video and It has caused lot’s of controversy. The rapper’s new video for “Lavender” has drawn widespread criticism for the stunt.

He can be seen pulling the trigger with a flash and a loud gunshot sound. Watch the video here:

The “clown” pretending to be Donald Trump stands still as Snoop Dogg pulls the trigger, but all that comes out is a “bang” sign. Th Donald Trump look-alike remains standing.

Twitter noticed the scene and it definitely got a lot of people talking.

But some people don’t seem to mind the scene calling it a prank.

Rapper Ice-T didn’t seem to agree with the stunt in Snoop’s video. He commented on the scene saying “You can’t point a gun at the president.”

President Trump addressed the issue in a tweet.

What do you think about the music video scene. Did Snoop go too far?

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