Mysterious orange alligator spotted in South Carolina

Orange Alligator
(Stephen Tatum via AP)

No one seems to know why there’s an orange alligator in a pond near Charleston.

Residents joke it used too much self-tanning lotion or maybe it’s a fan of the Clemson Tigers, who are known for their orange colors.

Residents living near the pond in Hanahan say they’ve seen the orange or rust-colored alligator a number of times.

what we know:

Photos show the 4- to 5-foot-long alligator on the banks of a retention pond at the Tanner Plantation neighborhood.

Jay Butfiloski with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says the color may come from where the animal spent the winter, perhaps in a rusty steel culvert pipe.

The colour could come from paint or iron oxide in the water. Either way, it’s definitely an unusual look.

Experts say the alligator will shed it’s skin & probably return to a normal shade soon.

Last month, a giant gator looking like a dinosaur got Florida residents talking.


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