Boy stabbed in the neck outside mosque victim of terrorism according to community

A 14-year-old boy brutally stabbed in the head outside a mosque was a victim of terrorism, according to his heartbroken family Schoolboy Syed Hassan Abbas was stabbed repeatedly in the face and neck in the early hours of yesterday in front of his brother and father in Birmingham.

Brother Syed Nedhi Abbas, 17, said: ‘This is a terrorist attack and I just want to know who did this. My parents have been by his bedside all night but are currently giving a statement to the police. ‘He has been awake since the incident and has been moving, but he his now in an induced coma so he can recover. He is hooked up to a lot of machines at the moment.’ He added: ‘My brother is my best friend and we did everything together, I feel lost without him.’

Dominic Palmer, aged 29, of Herbert Road, has been arrested by detectives and charged with attempted murder, he will appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court on Monday, October 2.


The Daily Mail reported that Adnan Khan, a senior member of the Maarif-e-Islam Hussainia Mosque in Small Heath, believes it was a racist attack as there was a 10-day Shia festival at the mosque.

He said: ‘We believe this was a racist attack and the young lad was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We had been advised about security and now have knife scanners at the entrance to the halls, but obviously nothing in the street.’ Religious leaders at the mosque have promised to ‘carry on as normal’ Jim Colclough, from the complex crime investigation team at Bournville Lane police station, said:

‘Our investigation continues to progress at pace and there have been some significant developments overnight. My team are working hard to get to the bottom of exactly what has taken place. Police were on the scene quickly after the stabbing in the early hours of Saturday morning (Picture: SWNS) ‘We continue to work closely with local communities and have increased our local police presence in the area to provide reassurance and be on hand to answer any questions or concerns that people may have. ‘This has been well received and we continue to maintain good relations within the community.

‘As I have said before the motivation for the attack is not yet known, we are keeping an open mind as to whether it could be racially or religiously motivated.’ The teenager was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, but has been transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Anyone with any information is urged to phone 101 or Crimestoppers on  0800 555 111.



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  1. Karen Kohler Reply

    What kind of ignorant, hateful terroristic person would stab this boy. The “festival” going on is to commemorate the death of a great Islamic person and his family. These Muslims do wonderful work in the community during this time. The person who did this should be punished to the highest extent. What a sad thing for this family to experience. Prayers going out for the boy and his family. Also to the Shiite community as a whole. May you heal from this heinous act and continue in God’s work.

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