“Daddy I Can’t See!” Heartbreaking Video of Blind Syrian Child Moves Millions

A devastating video of a Syrian boy who lost his eyesight due to war has gone viral.

The boy’s name is Abdul Moeen al-Hassan. As he wakes for the first time without his eyes, he panics with fear.

His father tries to comfort him and reassure him as best as he can, but he is helpless in this situation.

Abdul Moeen’s father hardly expresses any emotion at all which is even more devastating as he tries to remain strong for his son.

Most video posts make mention of an airstrike, but it is believed to have been a landmine that caused the boy to lose his sight.

Either way, these are not things a child should be experiencing in their lifetime, let a lone the loss of their eyes.

Many people expressed their desire to help the child and bring some ease to his suffering.

A charity were able to get in touch with the father and will be meeting him to help his son recover and regain some sense of his childhood again.

They will help restore part of the boy’s sight as much as they can to help improve his quality of life after this horrific incident.

UPDATE: Abdul Moeen is going to be treated for his eyesight soon.

Abdul Moeen is doing okay. He is staying at a hospital in Turkey.


20 thoughts on ““Daddy I Can’t See!” Heartbreaking Video of Blind Syrian Child Moves Millions

  1. Gk Reply

    I would also like to help Abdul having been very upset seeing this. No child asks for this and I hope he can regain sight.

  2. Soso Reply

    How can I help Abdul, can’t stop crying seeing this video, want to meet him and hug him I am so sorry, seeing this breaks my heart

  3. Madeline Reply

    Please let us know how we can help. This is so heart breaking. Something no one let a child should ever go through.

  4. Alamzeb khan Reply

    I just can’t bear this tragedy. It shatters my soul and my trust in humanity. I just can’t see the helplessness of his father. I just can’t imagine a beautiful world gone dark. Only if someone can help this innocent child. I hope and pray with all my heart for this innocent soul. 😭

  5. Alamzeb khan Reply

    We should not forget one of the greatest ever human tragedies. It is not a movie but real. If we can just feel this innocent child’s pain. How his world has gone dark from a beautiful past. If we can just feel his fathers helplessness to bring back his sons eyes. If we can only feel………
    I hope and pray if I can do anything practical for him, I hope and pray if anyone on this planet can do good for him. I hope and pray we realise that war in any form should be averted at all costs. I hope and pray for a beautiful and peaceful Syria. I hope and pray that one day our society will respect life in any form😭. Amin. AZK.

  6. Gagan Reply

    Could you please share how we can help this child. Restoring his sight (god willing), would be some small victory in this whole sad atrocity we see unfolding. I’m not an expert , but if the child can get examined to see if the eye could be restored that would be wonderful. Please do share any insight you have with any progress and support that is needed. I would dearly love to help.

  7. Nazi Reply

    I can’t stop crying😭😭, i don’t know how his dad can handle this situation. Please let us know how we can help this little , innocent kid 😭😭

  8. Olga Reply

    Whilst Putin and his cronies play politics and watch a football game, children are suffering around the world. I only hope that people rise up against these tyrants, no matter how long it takes and rid the world of evil and ego. May God look after the children and stop the suffering of so many innocent lives. We are responsible for each other, not these pathetic politicians who turn their back on their people. Raise your voice no matter where you live. Putin and Assad must pay for their war crimes…some day. Please share with as many as you can, in the hope that these atrocities stop. For every child that has suffered, may Putin and Assad be punished. I pray that ‘God’ punish these tyrants and their families. History will remember them as evil tyrants and dictators, no matter how many football games, scripted photo opportunities and palaces they own. Raise your voice and help the suffering!

  9. Jeremy H. Pritchard Reply

    Prayers and love to you little one, and your family, and all children who suffer. Brave dad, well done sir, respect.

    Humanity must do better than this. Those who do crimes against humanity will face justice, or godly judgement; never doubt that for a second.

    Evil *will* fail, guaranteed.

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