Father Forgives Driver After His Son Was Killed in Horrific School Car Crash

A dad whose little boy was killed when a car smashed into his school has released an emotional video forgiving the driver – which was filmed on the way to the child’s funeral. (See video above).

Eight-year-old Jihad Darwiche and a classmate both died when the vehicle ploughed into a temporary classroom at Bansia Road Public School in Sydney, Australia.

In a heartbreaking video, with Jihad’s coffin visible in the background, dad Raed said he thought the tragedy on Tuesdsay was ‘an honest mistake’.

The woman who was at the wheel of the SUV that crashed into the school has faced several threats of retaliation, but Raed urged people not to target her with rage.

Raed also said he wants to meet the driver involved in the crash.

Speaking in Arabic on the way to a mosque where his son was laid to rest, he said: “We have a special message for the lady involved in the accident.

“All these threats happening to the lady involved are not from the family, no retaliation is coming from us, they have forgiven.

“If anything we want to sit and talk to you and tell you that we forgive you.

“Right now it is a hard time, with the funeral, but once it is over she is welcome to come and sit with the family and have a meal and talk about how we can move forward with this problem.

“There are making it bigger than what it is, people tell me that this lady has been abused, we don’t want anything to happened to her, we are telling everyone out there to forgive her, it’s an honest mistake.

“It could have happened to anyone of us.

“We don’t throw the world down on our brothers and sisters when it was an accident, we forgive.

“The lady had four children at the school herself, she has a child with a disability and she suffers from mental health issues.

“The family is urging everyone to stop this retaliation towards her and the school.

“Nothing could of changed anything that day.”

Jihad’s classmate who was also killed has not yet been named. Three young girls were reportedly left seriously injured and are still in hospital.

The female driver is believed to have accidentally accelerated while momentarily distracted in the school car park, police say.

Officers do not believe the crash was deliberate.

Two tradesmen rushed to the aid of Jihad and his classmate and lifted the vehicle off them.

However, both children suffered cardiac arrests and were declared dead when they reached nearby Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Raed’s friend became emotional when describing his friend’s son:

“He was a beautiful boy with beautiful blue eyes.”

Police do not believe the crash was deliberate, but Maha Al-Shennag, 52, has been charged with two counts of dangerous driving occasioning death and negligent driving occasioning death.

Her license was suspended and she was granted conditional bail to appear at Bankstown Local Court on November 29.

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