London Fire: Everything You Need To Know

At least six people are dead after a huge fire raged through the night at a west London tower block, and police expect that number to rise.

NHS England have said that a total of 74 people are being treated in hospital, with 20 of those critically injured.

Michael Paramasivan, who lives on the seventh floor with his girlfriend and young daughter, said he ignored official advice to stay in your home.

“If we had stayed in that flat, we would’ve perished. My gut instinct told me just to get the girls out. I wrapped the little one up because of the smoke and I just got them out.”

West London residents are offering to open their homes to people displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Posting on Facebook and Twitter, dozens of people living in the Kensington area and beyond posted messages of support, offering food, clothes and a place to stay.

Nearby St Clement’s Church opened its doors to victims and is accepting supplies from donors – acting as a temporary evacuation and support centre for those affected.

Al Mannar, a local mosque, the Clement Attlee Estate Hall and Central Gurduara Sikh temple are also offering their services.

Muslims awake for Ramadan might have helped save lives after noticing the horrific blaze at Grenfell Tower.

Residents have told of how they didn’t hear alarms as the fire swept through the 24-storey tower block in West London. But they were instead alerted to the blaze by fellow residents, some of whom may have been Muslim people who were awake early in the morning because of Ramadan and were among the first to notice the fire.

The fire broke out not long after midnight and when many people living inside the tower block were asleep.

Muslims were among the first people on the scene as people were evacuated from Grenville Tower.

Andre Barroso, 33, said: “Muslims played a big part in getting a lot of people out.

“Most of the people I could see were Muslim. They have also been providing food and clothes.”

He said lots of people were still searching for friends and relatives who lived inside the tower.

A woman comforts a boy after a tower block was severly damaged by a serious fire, in north Kensington, West London, Britain June 14, 2017. (Reuters)

One woman described how Muslims were making huge efforts in the London Fire in this emotionally charged moment. See video below:

In the video she says “If it wasn’t for these young Muslims boys helping us, coming from mosques, people would have been dead.”

Many people have donated water, food and clothing to the nearby St Clement church, where locals have taken refuge. Others are distributing water bottles to those waiting outside.

“Everybody was hands on. It was wonderful to see everyone come together.”


Inferno: The tower block blaze in west London Guilhem Baker/LNP

Residents had warned that the building – which has around 120 flats reportedly served by a single main entrance – was a fire hazard last year when rubbish piled up in a communal walkway.

The Grenfell Action Group raised their concerns in a blog post last January, saying: “The potential for a fire to break out in the communal area on the walkway does not bear thinking about as residents would be trapped in the building with no way out.”

A firefighter rests during the ballte against the blaze at Grenfell Tower (Jeremy Selwyn)

It was given a £10million refurbishment a year ago, with the installation of insulated exterior cladding, double-glazed windows and a communal heating system.

Theresa May’s chief of staff ‘sat on’ report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire

A coroner’s report into a previous fire recommended a review of building regulations four years ago. Successive ministers said they were “still looking at it.”

Theresa May’s new chief of staff was one of a series of housing ministers who “sat on” a report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire for four years.

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  1. Muhammad Naeem Amin Reply

    He who saved one life is as if he has saved entire humanity n he who killed one life is as he has killed entire humanity – Al Quran

    Our thoughts with our brothers sisters who lost lives in this tragedy

  2. Ismail Mansfield Reply

    may allah swt put ease in the hearts of the victims. our thoughts are with them.
    Cape Town, South Africa

  3. Ibni rashud Reply

    And that is what a real muslim looks like and is supported to poor needy and look after neighbour… Proud of my brethen… Alhumdulillah

  4. Norita Hashim Reply

    Alhamdulillah.Glad to hear that

  5. Allyza Reply

    Real Muslims see no danger for helping anyone in the middle of crisis or emergency

  6. Jamal Reply

    May Allah comfort the victims and, give them patience and let them recover their loss. Alhamdulillah, our Muslim brothers played their responsibility. Looking fwd to hear they are called heroes n not terrorists

  7. rony Reply

    We all want to see this kind of unity among all…after all we are all human our feelings are same…

  8. Syed javeed Reply

    May Allah (s.h.t) give patients (sabar) for the victims who lost there belongings there and give the rewards for the people’s who helped them in tough time.Aameen.
    Proud to be a Muslim

  9. Samira Reply

    May Allah S.W.T give you Suber for victims wh lost they family and the ppl who help in this time my Allah look after YOU and your family thank you


    Alhamdulillahi Ala Kulli Haal
    Terrible moments…May Almighty Allah ease the pain of the survivors and relatives of those deceased.
    Just read about a Bangladeshi family of 5 lost their lives in the fire.
    Allahummagh firli war hamni

  11. Humanbeen Reply

    amazing how much the huge excituration media of one muslim terrorist and nothing at all about how many muslims helps in this tragedy. it is our rule as human to spot some light on them.

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