London terror attack: Knifeman shouted ‘this is for Allah’

One picture from the Borough Market area appears to show a man lying on the ground who appears to have canisters strapped to him.

At least two people have been killed and and multiple people are injured in a terrorist “rampage” at two central London landmarks.

London Bridge and Borough Market have been hit in what appears to be two coordinated attacks south of the River Thames. A separate incident at Vauxhall is not connected, police have said.

The London Bridge area is in lockdown after a white transit van ploughed into a crowd of people at speed shortly after 10pm, sparking a major incident. Witnesses reported up to 20 people injured. there were also reports of pedestrians being attacked with knives.

There were multiple reports of rapid gunfire in what one witness described as “Westminster all over again”.

People were evacuated from the area
People were evacuated from the area CREDIT: REUTERS / NEIL HALL 

Holly Jones, a BBC reporter at London Bridge when the first incident happened, said a van had swerved off the road into a crowd of pedestrians.

“A white van driver came speeding – probably about 50mph – veered of the road into the crowds of people who were walking along the pavement,” she told BBC News.

Within minutes there were reports of a second incident at Borough Market on the south bank of the Thames. One cab driver said three men ran towards the market stabbing people – including a young girl – as they ran.

An eyewitness on London Bridge, told the BBC he saw three men stabbing people indiscriminately, shouting “this is for Allah” in a “rampage”.

Police entered bars and restaurants in the Southwark area around 11pm and told customers to get down on the floor amid reports that the incident was still ongoing. People outdoors were told by yelling police officers to run from the area as the atmosphere turned to one of “hysteria”.

British Transport Police said they were aware of reports of “multiple” casualties.

Before 1am Police confirmed the attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market were “terrorist incidents”

Prime Minister Theresa May, who was understood to be at her Maidenhead constituency when she was alerted to the news, will chair a Cobra meeting first thing on Sunday morning.

People were evacuated from hotels 
People were evacuated from hotels  CREDIT: JEFF MOORE 

The attack comes less than a fortnight after the Manchester suicide bombing and just three months after a terrorist ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before stabbing a policeman to death at Parliament.

US President Donald Trump offered assistance to Britain via Twitter. “Whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the UK, we will be there – we are with you. Gold bless!”.

18 thoughts on “London terror attack: Knifeman shouted ‘this is for Allah’

  1. Liss Reply

    Please don’t correct the awesome typo in your quote of Trump’s tweet.

  2. RedTed Reply

    I was looking at that too. Trump’s first tweet about this horrible attack was to score political points with an “I told you so!” Vibe. Then someone must have given him a nudge to say something more sympathetic and he STILL fucked it up.

  3. Tachy Reply

    Which Allah?!The God that said killing One human is like killing the whole of mankind!
    These nutjobs have lost their minds…and have no idea what they are doing by hurting worst yet killing others in the name of faith..

  4. Mizan Hanif Reply

    The same Allah that says: Quran Surah 9 Ayah 5
    “Slay the idolators wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.”
    The Quran is the pure, unaltered, eternal, and infallible words of Allah, and all of humankind must, at the risk of the sword, obey Allah.

    • Dr Anwar Ali Reply

      These are ayah regarding people who are at war with Muslims . These ayah are not about all non Muslims but combatant non Muslims in the time of war . The killing of one human is as huge crime as the killing of entire humanity . Plz don’t quite quranic verses out of context . Plz ask jurist for any given ayah in Quran . As no body is allowed to interpret the any book of law except jurist . The same is true for Quran . You are another hatred bigot. I am following orthodox Islam and there is no room for any terrorist attck like this in Islam . Our prayers are with the people who have suffered . Amen

  5. Mizan Hanif Reply

    @Tachy — By the way, the Ayah that you quote, is from the Medina time, and has been abrogated (i.e. no longer stands).

  6. Mizan Hanif Reply

    @Tachy — sorry, I mean from the Mecca time. The Medina Ayah like 9:5 take precedence over the Mecca Ayahs.

  7. Azi Reply

    @mizan hanif dont talk shit mate. You have absolutely no idea about the quran. So dont go around spreading more hate

  8. Wali Achakzai Reply

    This is not Quran who gave him this order.
    Judge him as an individual, don’t blame Islam for it.
    Read your history what did you do to muslims when the christians took over Jureslum and compare it with what muslims did when they took it back.
    The problem with people who judge others is that they blindly blame muslims while they have no dingle information about religion of Islam. Even they have not read the entire bible.

    Read the Quran, I bet it will open your heart and mind and you will even won’t consider these killers and terrorists as Muslim ms. I bet!

  9. Wali Achakzai Reply

    Read the Quran, I bet it will open your heart and mind and you wouldn’t even consider these killers and terrorists as Muslim. I bet!

  10. Maria Reply

    Your quoting scripture!!! Are you for real. People are dying and have died.. this is not about religion.. this is about evil craziness

  11. George Bush Reply

    Sick and tired of this BULLSHIT. You idiots, empty minds, judging religion and putting the blame on Allah & Muslims. Ohhh shit heads, if god wants you dead he won’t send anyone to kill you. He will take your soul while ur watching tv or scratching your nose. It is YOUR GOVERNMENT who is killing you. But why?! Good question. Answer: because they wanna start some shit and there fore they will have to have your attention. So when shit happens you will know where to point your nose fingers, at the Muslims. It’s like 9/11 and like any terror atack who happened in this crazy world and the Muslim are blamet for. I sincerely feel sorry for the victims no matter if they r black white yellow, because they r humans first of all. Your enemy is closer to you than you can imagine. Keep your mind open and your eyes keep them open even when u sleep.

  12. Syed Md Reply

    these people have no minds, no sense of right or wrong. they are driven by power and intend to kill anyone who stands against them. its the holy month of ramadhan. as muslims we must pray for the ones who’ve passed and for the strength of those affected.

  13. arain Reply

    .no moslem countries approved ISIS as moslem and represents Islam..except for SHIITE countries..saving private ryan for example .?? many soldiers tht the US sacrificed just to rescue one soul.??..they dont really care about the lost souls as long as they accomplished their invade Syria, all they need is to sacrifice the lives of their own people..just like France & US did…SO FCKNG CLICHE.!.

  14. arain Reply

    .no muslim countries approved ISIS as Islamic and represents Islam..SHIITE created ISIS and then claimed tht ISIS represents Islam..SHIITE LAKNATULLAH themselves is a SATANIC CULT and not Islam…have u watched Saving Private Ryan Full Movie .?? many soldiers tht US sacrificed just to rescue one soul.??..they dont really care about the lost souls as long as they accomplished their invade Syria, all they need to do is to sacrifice the lives of their own people..just like France & US did…by killing SYRIANS, they will get the share of the oil..SO FCKNG CLICHE.!. ツ

  15. Amelia Reply

    I hate for someone bring in the name of Allah not in the right place and time. 😢
    This is not make sense, it would bring us in the war for many reason..
    Except “gold bless you” hihi just kidding 😁

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