Nearly 3,000 Rohingya Muslims killed in the last three days

The Myanmar army killed between 2,000 and 3,000 Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine in the last three days, Anita Schug, a spokeswoman for the European Rohingya Council (ERC) said on Monday.

“The number of massacres carried out by the army against Muslims in Rakhine exceeds the one in 2012 and those in October last year. The situation has never been this bad. In Rakhine, we face a slow genocide,” said Schug.

Noting that between 900 and 1,000 Muslims were killed on Sunday in the Saugpara village of Rathedaung city of Rakhine alone, Schug said that only one boy survived the massacre.

Around 3,000 Muslims killed

Anita Schug, who works as a medical doctor in Switzerland, said that between 2,000 and 3,000 Rohingya Muslims were killed in Rakhine’s various villages in the last three days, according to the activists in the field and local sources. Schug highlighted that the Myanmar army is behind the massacres.

More than 100,000 civilians have been displaced, Schug added. She also said that 2,000 Rakhine Muslims were trapped at the Myanmar-Bangladesh border, and that the Bangladesh-side of the border was sealed by the government.

‘Evacuations are vital’

The ERC spokesperson pointed out that the native Buddhist people occupied the Anaukpyin and Nyaungpyingi villages, and added:

“These people [Rohingya Muslims] wrote a letter to the Myanmar government saying that they are innocent and are not involved in any crime. They requested the government to lift the siege, and to be immediately evacuated from the village. However, the Myanmar government did not even respond to them. Although we do not know the exact number, hundreds of people’s are in danger in these villages.”

Noting that 100 villagers were taken to an unknown place from Rathedaung’s Auk Nan Yar village on Aug. 23, Schug said that they feared these people were killed.

The entire international community should take action as soon as possible, particularly the United Nations, to stop the massacre in Rakhine, Schug added.

After the Myanmar government issued the order to shoot, army forces started to attack the Rakhine state. The Myanmar army burnt and destroyed the villages where Rohingya Muslims lived, and killed thousands of innocent people. More than 700 schools, madrasahs and houses were destroyed, according to reports.

Due to the increasing attacks recently, over 20,000 civilians had to leave their settlements, local sources reported. A total of 60,000 Rohingya Muslims took shelter in the mountain regions near the border, as they are denied access to Bangladesh.

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16 thoughts on “Nearly 3,000 Rohingya Muslims killed in the last three days

  1. Insaan Reply

    My words of grief and sorrow will not do anything for these innocents!!
    I thought we humans are leading this planet, but unfortunately i was wrong.This planet has been taken over by savages.

    Humanity comes first!!!

  2. mazeena nasir Reply

    The international community protect the innocent Rohingya muslims by the myanmar govt

  3. Amantullah Reply

    I guess its easy to turn a blind eyes because those being killed are Muslims. This has been going on for a while and hardly gets mentioned in the news. This is not the teaching of Buddha.


    my Allah help them ameen
    we are leaving in the planat where human is worst than an animal because nobody helping the Myanmar Muslims shame to the govt and shame to the muslim country’s Allah give him power but the didn’t using the power so please help them help them help them …..

  5. AZ watara Reply

    Why is the world not paying heed to the plight of Muslims in Rojonhya. We live in a world that animals matter more than the lives of some humans but as far as men die liberty will never cease to exist. The live of the Muslim matters just like any other. Had this been the opposite, the world would have blown it out of proportion. What a stupid world we live in now.

  6. Revelation0710 Reply

    Where is UN? Where are the coalition forces who went in to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and all other Muslim countries? Ooopsss sorry Rohingya, u guys don’t have OIL under your grounds so they will never risk anything to help all of you. Do not despair my dear Brothers and Sisters in Rohingya. ALLAH the Almighty is watching everything they do and they will pay for every atrocities they do here in this world. Let’s all doa for all our MUSLIM brothers and sisters who are suffering everywhere around the world. May Allah SWT help the oppressed from the oppressors and grant them victory with His forces…Aamin! Aamin ! Aamin!

  7. kaiser khan Reply

    This is a terrorism which are doing Myanmar army & government killing innocent people. If these done by Muslims it will come big isssue in the world & says Muslims are terrorists. “Allah safe Rohingya Muslims”ameen

  8. Chand Mohammad Reply

    The Myanmar Army acting as Terrorists to killing Muslims in Myanmar. These killing Muslims and destroying their homes which is not publishing clearly by media. I think death more Muslims in Myanmar then publishing in social media.
    The UNO need to take immediate action against the Myanmar government to stop the genocide but it will not do by UNO because they are Muslims.
    So I’m requested to all the Muslims country and India to take immediate initiative to stop the genocide in Myanmar.

  9. Harunmonu harun Reply

    Are Myanmar worse than Hitler’s Nazis? 

    Myanmar’s anti-Rohingya racists are worse than Eichmann.

    Hannah Aredt coined this powerful term “banality of evil”, watching SS Colonel Eichmann’s trial in Jerusalem.

    The SS man was “doing his job” as a cock in the machine of SS bureaucracy.

    But in contrast, a vast majority of Myanmar public are openly rooting for the genocidal killings of Rohingya, something they are NOT obligated to do by any institution to do – whether Buddhism and its Order, NLD Party or the military.

    They are supporting Rohingya genocide voluntarily.

    Of course, that voluntarism is a product of decades of the military-government’s genocidal propaganda. 

    So, this is a circular logic:   those in power produced this fear and loathing of Rohingyas as scapegoat and a “national security concern”.   The public have bought into it.   Then those in power or semi-power carry out their gory executions and destruction.   “Experts” like Gabriella Aron of Humanitarian Dialogue and DCA Collaborative say, the government is responding to the society’s pressure. 

    Myanmar genocide is made legal and moral by law of the land – such as 1982 Citizenship – as well as moral and spiritually sound by leading monks such as Sitagu.

    A parallel between Nazi genocide of the German Jewish people and Myanmar genocide of the Muslim Rohingyas. 

    The Christian churches, the Law, the media, academia, etc. were all involved in de-Germanizing or de-nationalizing those with Jewish ancestry.

    Just change the bylines and copy what was written about Nazi Germany, with some modifications here and there, and leave out  gas chambers.  Or Rwanda.

    You get the same tale of a patriotic, blood-based genocide.

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