Kante’s Football Leaks Scandal Revealed He Refused Payment Through Offshore Account. “He Just Wants A Normal Salary.”

It emerged Kante set up an offshore company – which is fairly common amongst footballer players and managers.

Many have used it to exploit tax loopholes and there’s been plenty of players who have found guilty of evading tax.

However, only Kante could come out of the whole deal looking like a million bucks and without a blotch on his record. As per Media PartChelsea insisted that the Frenchman set up an offshore company and he initially adhered to their request before he then refused to receive his wage through it.

“He just wants a normal salary,” was the comment from a source – which just sums up Kante and how much of a top fella he is.

The Frenchman really is the gift that keeps on giving and you can’t help but love him no matter who you support.

He drives a Mini Cooper but had initially planned to run to the training ground, he was too shy to ask for a picture with the World Cup trophy after playing a vital role in France’s triumph. Plus, no one has ever looked happier than N’Golo was to be riding a mountain bike.

What’s more, the Leicester City man had dinner, watched MOTD played FIFA with a group of strangers in their house after they extended an invite to him.

And more recently, he rage-quitted during a game of FIFA against teammate Callum Hudson-Odoi but somehow managed to have a beaming smile on his face throughout.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be N’Golo Kante. Then always be N’Golo Kante.

Source: Sports Bible.


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