Amir Khan Pays His Respects At Manchester Bombing Memorial Saying “It’s Not In The Quran”

AMIR Khan has made a passionate plea to young Muslims considering carrying out a terror attack to “follow positive role models” instead – saying killing innocent people is “not in the Quran”.

The boxer from Bolton met with grieving families at the memorial in St Ann’s Square, Manchester, today following Monday’s horrific terror attack in the city.

Amir, from Bolton, Gtr Manchester, told Sky News he feared that terror attacks “make things harder for Muslims” and urged the community to stick together.

The champ, who is a Muslim, said: “It’s a very sad time for Manchester.

“I’m totally against killing innocent people. That’s not in the Quran.”

His comments come after it was revealed bomber Salman Abedi was a 22-year-old Muslim from Fallowfield, South Manchester.

He said: “It upsets me to know that he’s a Muslim.

“I just want young Muslim people who are even thinking about doing something like this to follow positive role models and think before they do this.

“If there’s anyone out there who’s even thinking about doing that, if anyone knows, you should report it to the police.”

Amir Khan condemned the attack on This Morning

Amir Khan, from nearby Bolton, condemned the attack on This Morning

The 30-year-old said he feared a backlash against Muslims, and urged them to stay strong.

He revealed he was driving past the stadium on Monday night just moments after the deadly explosion.

He said: “Everyone is normally one community in Manchester.

“It’s only going to make things harder for Muslims.

“I never want to be one of those people waking down the street being called a terrorist.

“I can see it happening one day, maybe.

“I have a little girl, it would be very difficult if someone shouted something at me.

“It makes it very difficult for younger generations going to school.

“We all just need to stick together.”

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