Gerard Butler Loses Home to California Fires After Attending Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Gala

Three devastating California wildfires — two in the south and one in the north — have forced over a quarter of a million people who were in harm’s way to evacuate from their homes, some of which didn’t survive the blazes.

Firefighters in the northern part of the state are battling a blaze — known as the Camp Fire — which as of Sunday morning, had burned through 109,000 acres and was only 25 percent contained, according to Cal Fire

After returning to his Malibu home on Sunday, Gerard Butler shared a photo of himself standing next to the charred remains of his own home.

“Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California.”

He recently attended the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF)  Gala which raised an all-time high of $60 million, topping last year’s record-breaking fundraiser by $6.2 million.

Andy Garcia, Fran Drescher and Gerard Butler Friends of the Israel Defense Forces western regional gala, Los Angeles, USA - 01 Nov 2018

The money raised goes to support IDF soldiers, and the families of fallen soldiers and wounded veterans through social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs.

His support of the IDF caused people to speak out in protest on twitter:

People also reacted to the recent photo he shared of his burned house.

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Gala Raises Record $60 Million for IDF Soldiers

5 thoughts on “Gerard Butler Loses Home to California Fires After Attending Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Gala

  1. Jay patel Reply

    Well…karma can be a bitch.
    Sad he lost his house, BUT not so sad he thought and went to the gala supporting the worlds biggest terrorists the israelis. Low class actor, pathetic sense of judgement, totally served him right. Boycott all his movies and anyone who supports israelis.
    Scum bag mother fuckers

  2. Ken BRUNTON Reply

    Yes indeed; it’s impossible to feel any empathy for this situation. As they say, ‘KARMA’. butler is a total; tool and a twat so, I guess it just serves him right! Couldn’t happen to a better man!

  3. calssy Reply

    bastard remember dead body of Palestine child .homeless,helpless man-women and ashamed your self .

  4. Laura Reply

    What true character! Loses his home and all personal contents…photos, memorabilia and DOES NOT CRY ABOUT IT!! Nor does try and milk his fans with a go-fund-me. Nope. What does he do? He honors the LAFD!! Great character indeed!

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