IDF Release Video Campaign Featuring A Muslim Arab Israeli Soldier

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) released a video on Friday, a holy day for Muslims, featuring an Arab in the Israeli Army.

His name is Yahya and he says “I am proud soldier in the IDF.”

In the video he goes on to say: “I grew up in a country that I was taught to hate, but eventually I fell in love with Israel.”

He chose to enlist in the IDF even though he was not required to so that he could in his own words ‘give back to my country.’

It shows a photo of him in the Metro Newspaper that says ‘A Zionist Muslim.’

The video was posted on the IDF’s official facebook page and with over 9000 shares the video has had over 680,000 views.

Of course the comment section displayed a colourful array of opinions.

Some say that the campaign was designed to stir emotions among those who oppose Zionism and the current Israeli government while others say the video is genuine and are proud of him.

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