Teacher Takes Photo of Chinese Boy With Frozen Hair Who Walks Over 4 kilometres in -9 Degrees to Get To School.


Wang Fuman’s appearance was caused by having to walk more than four kilometres in -9 degrees Celsius temperatures to get to school.

The eight-year-old schoolboy also doesn’t come from the most well-off family.

According to Pear Video, he lives in a mud hut with his grandma and his older sister and rarely sees his parents because they are migrant workers living in other cities.

After his picture circulated the globe on various news networks, people in China wanted to pitch in to help young Fuman out.

Credit: AsiaWire
Credit: AsiaWire

In a move that will restore your faith in humanity, China National Radio says 300,000 yuan (£33,690/$46,638) was raised by the public in just five days.

But it’s since come to light that Wang has received only 8,000 yuan (£898/$1,243) of that total amount.

China National Radio adds that the rest of the money has been spread across the region to ‘help more school-age children’.

In a statement, Ludian County Bureau of Education Chen Furong reportedly said: “If all the donations are handed over to Wang Fuman, this [money] will not help the healthy growth of children, nor will it disappoint the original intention of donors.”

Credit: AsiaWire
Credit: AsiaWire

Zhaotong City Youth Foundation Office says 500 yuan (£56/$70) from those donations will be given out to each child that comes under their program.

Because where Fuman lives is more than 2,800 metres above sea level, the charity aims to provide one hat and one set of gloves to every kid they support.

The county he lives in has slowly been rebuilding after a devastating 6.5 magnitude earthquake in 2014 which caused widespread property destruction and poverty.

Wang studies at the Zhuanshanbao Primary School in Xinjie Town, Ludian County, and the school’s headteacher said that him travelling far to get to school is a daily occurrence.

Credit: AsiaWire
Credit: AsiaWire

Headmaster Fu said: “It was the first day of their final exams. The temperatures dropped to minus nine degrees Celsius in about 30 minutes that morning.”

While most people thought the image of his frozen hair was funny, others on China’s social networking equivalent of Facebook, Weibo, highlighted how common Wang’s situation is.

One user wrote: “The wealth gap in China is too big. Whenever I see news like this, I think of the weak side behind China’s prosperous appearance.”

Sources: China National RadioPear Video

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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