Modern-day Game of Thrones: This mysterious trailer for Westeros in 2019 has caught the eyes of fans.

What if Game of Thrones was freed of its medieval shackles, and set in 2019? How would the great houses of Lannister, Stark, Targaryen and, erm, Greyjoy, fare in an internet age? Sure, civilisation has progressed beyond bear pits but with global warming and international political turmoil, the slings and arrows of fortune between author George RR Martin’s time scale and that of modern life aren’t so far removed.

That’s what Westeros the Series argues, at least. On Tuesday night, as fans were recovering from watching the last episode of Game of Thrones season seven, a trailer emerged on YouTube. It shows  themes and characters recognisable to fans of the show but in contemporary times: crowds are illuminated by stadium lights, tower blocks rise and wind pylons turn, perched on the gates of Braavos.

The silver hair of a Targaryen strokes a mirror lined with cocaine while the white feet of a Direwolf follows a pair of nude stilettos. The closing scene shows the shadow of a winged beast cast above what could well be Targaryen Square, Manhattan.

The trailer is so well-produced, and so mysterious – it was uploaded by a user merely called Westeros the Series – that fans were left begging for it to be made into a real series.

It’s widely believed that the professional-looking effort is that of a fan. Some are pointing to German satirist and TV presenter Jan Böhmermann. Böhmermann tweeted the video soon after it was released online.

The comedian also has a history of making topical, slick spoof videos. In 2015 he came under fire for making V for Vendetta riff V for Varoufakis, which included a clip of the Greek finance minister giving the finger, which was so convincing it caused an international media storm.

Whoever’s responsible, Westeros the Series looks even more addictive than HBO’s original. And it would fill the hole in our lives after the eighth, and final, Game of Thrones series airs in 2019.

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