Child Destroys $1,300 Worth Of Makeup At Sephora And Angry Shoppers Call Out ‘Careless’ Mom

Brittney Nelson, a mother and makeup artist from Augusta, Georgia, recently visited her local Sephora. But as she walked up to the Make Up For Ever display, she saw something that nearly made her faint.

The eye shadow and blush palette, which held at least 52 products, had been completely demolished.

Brittney instantly remembered seeing a mother and child rushing out of the store just as she walked in. The child must have been left unattended at some point and ruined the expensive shadows when no one was watching.

Product and powder were everywhere, and $1,300 worth of cosmetics had been completely wasted in a matter of minutes!

Brittney took to Facebook with photos of the destroyed display, along with a message to moms who bring their kids with them to stores like Sephora.

It wasn’t long before parents all over the country began weighing in — and let’s just say many of them aren’t happy with the mother responsible for the curious child.

Scroll down to see the destruction…

Ah, Sephora. Stepping into one of these stores is both an exciting and overwhelming experience.

But if you’re anything like me, it’s nearly impossible to walk past a Sephora location and not pop in.

Customers love the fact that they’re allowed — and encouraged — to test or try on the products at will.

One recent evening, mom and makeup artist Brittney Nelson visited a Sephora in Augusta, Georgia.

Just as she and her friend wandered in, Brittney noticed a mother and her kid hustling out the door.

That’s when Brittney saw something that nearly made her faint.

It was a massive shadow palette by the Make Up For Ever brand: completely demolished.

Brittney was horrified by the destroyed display and shared photos on her Facebook page.

She included a message to her fellow moms who bring kids along with them to stores like Sephora, where interaction with the products is allowed.

Brittney noted the unattended child saw the colorful eye shadows and probably thought they were finger paints.

But remember, just one Make Up For Ever eye shadow costs $21 at Sephora.

The child destroyed dozens of the shadows, ruining over $1,300 worth of products.

“It looked 100X worse in real life and I don’t work for Sephora,” Brittney wrote on Facebook.

Since Brittney is both a mom and a makeup artist, she says she’s had to bring her daughter with her while shopping for new cosmetics.

But she’s established a strict “hands in pocket” rule for her daughter, and she tries to keep her shopping time to 10 minutes maximum.

“It was very helpful, so if you must take your kiddos makeup shopping, I suggest trying it,” she says.


Brittney’s Facebook post quickly went viral, sparking a lot of controversy.

Many readers are calling the unnamed mother “careless and self-absorbed” for allowing her child to make such a costly mess.

They say it’s the parent’s job, not the store’s job, to make sure store property is treated with respect.


Other readers understand that sometimes parents have no choice but to bring their kids to stores — but letting them run rampant and play with the products to keep them busy is simply inappropriate.


Some mothers provided helpful tips to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

But then, there are those who say Brittney’s post is contributing to our culture of “mom-shaming” by telling parents they can’t bring their kids makeup shopping.

“This is not okay, as if it isn’t hard enough for a mom to be out in public with her young kids 1) the employees didn’t SEE who did this,” one commenter wrote.

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