Beyonce names twins Sir & Rumi revealing them on Instagram

A month after the twins were born, Beyoncé and Jay-Z finally confirmed on Friday, via Beyoncé’s Instagram account, that they have named the new additions to their family Rumi and Sir Carter.

While “Sir” may call to mind a wide range of knights in armor, the name Rumi summons just one individual from history: Jalal ad-din Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet whose work has remained beloved for hundreds of years. And, as it turns out, if the life of that original Rumi is any indication, the name is an appropriate one for a child in such a musical family.

Jawid Mojaddedi, an expert on Rumi at Rutgers, once described him as “an experimental innovator among the Persian Poets.”

The modern interest in Rumi and his spiritual ideas tended to gloss over his Islamic philosophy. But, as was undeniably the case when Barks’ translation of Rumi sold hundreds of thousands of copies — or when Madonna combined translations of his words with music for Deepak Chopra’s 1998 album A Gift of Love: Music Inspired by the Love Poems of Rumi, or when a potential Rumi biopic is discussed — something in his verses speaks to many people all over the world and across the centuries.

And now, with the introduction of baby Rumi, that list of followers has grown by at least one more.

 Source: Time

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