Cute husky dog invaded a football pitch, disrupted the game, and got a belly rub

A dog ran onto the pitch at a Europa League match before rolling over for it’s belly to be rubbed when Vardar goalkeeper Filip Gacevski tried to pick it up.

The Husky allowed Gacevski to give it some affection with a stroke but as soon as the stewards came out, it sensed something was awry.

With the high-profile European game precariously-poised at 1-1, the husky somehow found its way onto the field in the 73rd minute.

The dog brought play to a halt, stopped to have its belly rubbed by the Vardar goalkeeper, and then ran away from match-day stewards.

Before long, security managed to usher the rebellious hound down the tunnel so the game in Macedonia could resume.

Pitch invaders are usually nowhere near as cuddly as the one that interrupted Vardar’s Europa League clash with Rosenborg.

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