Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and family love to visit Morocco

When Real Madrid superstar footballer Christiano Ronaldo travels to Marrakech, does he wear traditional Berber clothing? No, but his mom does. Does A fez count? We’ll take it.

Ronaldo’s mom, Dolores, recently shared photos from Marrakech along with other family members including Ronaldo’ son, 6-year-old Cristiano Jr., on her Instagram account @doloresaveiroofficial, which has 816,000 followers.

She posted photos of herself in a simple olive green dish dasha, but Ronaldo prefers to go shirtless, much to the delight of his female fans.

Hoje fui ao melhor shopping de jóias em Marrocos …🇲🇦😘

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Ronaldo and his family obviously have a love affair with Marrakech, visiting the historic city founded by Moroccan Berber tribesmen five times in two years. It’s extreme, even on a sports celebrity level, but Marrakech – Morocco’s fourth largest city behind Casablanca, Fes and Tangier – and has been a favorite of holiday venue for film and sports celebrities for many years.

The dynamic city showcases how Morocco is evolving by combining a host of natural attractions with powerful traditions and authentic practices that attract tourists from all over the world.

Ronaldo’s repeated visits to Morocco sparked the press and fans’ curiosity.

Some Facebook users commented that Ronaldo “is just in love with the weather and Moroccan rituals.”
While Moroccan news websites say Ronaldo visits the city to see Moroccan kickboxing champion Badr Hari.
The Moroccan World News reported that Ronaldo is investing in the country.

He is planning to purchase a hotel in Casablanca in the Ain Diab Corniche district, next to one of the giant shopping centers in Casablanca. And last year he said that he would build a hotel. The hotel’s complex will include a store for Ronaldo’s brand, CR7, his first fashion outlet in Africa.

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